Vive la France!

November 19, 2012


Lately, I’ve been quite annoyed about that wordpress doesn’t wanna cooperate with me or my cellphone.
I asked the people who “like” my page at facebook, which website they prefer to use as a blog, and most of them answered – Tumblr.

I created an account at Tumblr, yesterday and wrote my first blogpost there today. So far, so good.
Please, give me some feedback. Do you think that Tumblr works better or not? I hope I can please everyone who read my blog.

You will find my blogposts here from now on:

There’s another tumblr account with the adress :
As it says, It’s a fan-made Tumblr for me, and you will not find anything posted by me at that website.

Ok, let’s give this a try! Wish me good luck, and thanks for your recommendation about Tumblr! 😉


Trick or treat!?

November 5, 2012

Me, and my friends were celebrating Halloween this saturday at a club here in Gothenburg, called “The zone”. To be honest, I wasn’t in the mood to go out and partying, as I’ve been ill since I where in New York. BUT, my friends from southern Sweden had a gig at the club, and it felt like I needed to get my ass over there, support them and steal a hug or two, since it was a long time since I saw their faces. I think I’ve seen all of D-tox gigs this far (wow, I actually think I have!?) and I must say, that this was the best gig so far, boys! 😀

An old photo of me on the flyer to the club. I looked so scary at that Halloween party!


D-tox live on stage! It was nice to see you again boys! :*

I started the evening with a pre party at a friends place. My best friend Freddie was there, and so was Anna and her little dog, Bianca.
Freddie and I drank honey whiskey mixed with coke zero, and remembered all the people and funny things that happened on the tour in US this summer. (You’re still in our hearts darlings)

Freddie and I at the pre party, drinking honey whiskey!

Bianca, Annas cute little chihuahua!

Freddie and Bianca cuddle.

I needed to steal her for a while as well. That dog is adorable! ❤

Waiting for the tram to come. Would you be scared to meet me on your way home, in the dark? 😉

On our way to “The zone”

The evening at the club was nice indeed, but I got so coddled to pay $ 13 for TWO drinks in NYC, when one drink at the bar over here is $ 15! Don’t blame the Swedes for being so drunk all the time, when we need to get really drunk at the pre party to last all night long, lol 😉
Thanks everyone for a great evening, good music ( I loved all the 80’s synth music at the dancefloor ❤ ) and the organizers for making this event so good. I had a blast!

Ok,I can’t hide it anymore. I actually DO eat kids for dinner!

Happy late halloween!

You’re next, sweetheart! 😉

A photo from my friend Peter Brud.

Yesterday, I met up my friend Sophie, who was here in Gothenburg for visit over the weekend. We had a long coffee break and talk at a café in town. She’s so caring and full of energy, I appreciate it a lot!
She has just started a new club in Stockholm, together with some friends called “Bat cave”. I’ve actually been to the “Bat cave” before…. It was in the US, and I’m totally sure about going to the club “Bat cave” in Stockholm will be a MUCH better experience than the one I had, lol! (people at the Nations collide tour know what I’m talking about)
I hope I’ll have the chance to visit Stockholm, and their club at the next event in January.

Back to basic. Tired girl having a hangover in the morning before Sophie and coffe made me feel better 😉