Breathe out! There’s still a hope that I won’t be a cat lady during the rest of my life!

October 28, 2012

I’m back in Sweden again. My two weeks in New York has been so lovely that I’ll not even try to find words for it! I feel rested, I have a lot more energy to give than before I left Sweden, and I’m so extremely happy about everything, except that I couldn’t stay for a bit longer,..

The people I’ve let to know in the US are the friendliest, most adorable people I’ve ever met! Seriously, how can people in Europe (or at least in Scandinavia) talk so much shit about the americans? I really don’t get it…. at all!  America, and the American people are so different from everything in Sweden tho.
I’m not used to people that you recently met, cares so much about you. I’ve been living alone for many years now, and I always need to make sure that I can take my wobbly legs back home to my apartment, even if I had too many shots at the bar. I’m used to handle things on my own, but to act that way in America seems to be very rude. I guess that’s something I have to learn 😛

It’s even harder when the boy you’re staying with during your vacation in NYC open and closes doors for you, brews you fresh coffee in the morning and serve it to you, when you wake up in bed, Take the car to the store and buy you a BIG can of cottage cheese for breakfast, just because he knows how much you love it. Besides that, I feel like I have an invisible whistle that I can use when it’s some sort of trouble or something I don’t understand and he will be there to help me immediately. Not in an intrusive way at all! Just a feeling that makes you calm and feel that he cares about you. It’s a lovely feeling!

Brendin and I at a bar in East village, where I tried to kill my sore throat and dripping nose with a tequila jalapeno shot.

Coffee and cottage cheese are the way to win my heart, and I think that Brendin nailed that pretty, damn good!  😉
I can’t imagine to have a more caring and sweet boyfriend than him. I just need to accept to be treated like a princess everyday, without feeling dumb about the situation. *blush* 

So, what else did I do in NYC exept being like a 14 year old girl, madly in love with an America citizen?!
We went to a lot of concerts, clubs, restaurants and bars. We were relaxing at “home” (The apartment we rent during my stay there) we made dinner, watched television, had a lot of Starbucks coffee, went to the history museum, hung out with a bunch of friendly people, and Brendin took me to the first haunted house I’ve never been to!  It was soooo cool! I loved it! 
I’ve probably forgot half of the things, but I blame it on that I’m still in a vacation-mode 🙂



A dear reunion with the backstage area at The pyramid club, and also nice to see some familiar faces again!

 NYC, I’ve missed you so bad! 



I’m gonna update you with some more of the photos i took during the vacation, asap! Keep your eyes open boys and girls 🙂


One Response to “Breathe out! There’s still a hope that I won’t be a cat lady during the rest of my life!”

  1. Lila said

    I was just wondering… because you have always such a beautiful make up. How long it takes to do that awesome make up? Or how long you spend time every day doing make up? 🙂

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