She looks weird, let’s arrest her!

October 16, 2012

I’ll give you a quick update, while Brendin is in the shower and getting ready for todays adventures.
Let us hope that I can manage to write this post with this American keyboard 😉

Ok, so I arrived in New York 5 days ago, and we had already done so many fun things, and met a lot of cool people. The people over here are so friendly! No matter if they’re friends of Brendin or just people you walk by on the streets in the city. They give you compliments about your style all the time, which is really rare in Sweden. 

I had some trouble with the security police at the airport, when I first arrived here. They asked a lot of questions, took me to a separate room and asked even more questions. They was searching through my bags, and everything was just a mess because I’d been traveling for about 20 hours and all I wanted to do was just to go outside the airport to see Brendin. 

At least I’m here now, and we will get our own apartment this evening. Our friend Melanie has been a sweetheart and let me and Brendin have her apartment the whole weekend when the guys we were supposed to rent an apartment from, just screwed it all up. What would we have done without her? She’s an angel! 

I’ll tell you more about the trip, and what we have done, when I’m home again. All I can say right now is that I’m alive, and that I really enjoy my vacation over here !

Lots of love to all the sweet people over here ❀ 


3 Responses to “She looks weird, let’s arrest her!”

  1. Lynda said

    yuup, Homeland Security doesn’t like me either :P, and I’m from Canada! grr
    But once its all said and done… its not so bad..!
    Yes I bet people compliment you all the time, especially because you’re a lot more beautiful than American women 😀
    I’m glad you’re enjoying your trip in the US, Jenni!
    Keep having fun for the duration of your trip!! ❀

  2. Clint said

    It’s the same with me when I fly to L.A. or wherever to start tours or do one off shows. I started to really dress down, because I often just didn’t have time to be hauled off into a little room. 😩

  3. Angelica said

    Åhh jag blir sĂ„ arg nĂ€r jag lĂ€ser om hur mĂ€nniskor stĂ€ndigt Ă€r sĂ„ sjukt fördomsfulla. Varför skulle du vara kriminell bara för att du har en annorlunda stil? SĂ„ otroligt tröttsamt. De skummaste typer jag trĂ€ffat har smĂ€lt in i mĂ€ngden och inte sett annorlunda ut pĂ„ nĂ„got sĂ€tt samtidigt som nĂ„gra av de laglydigaste mĂ€nniskor jag mött ocksĂ„ varit de mest excentriskt klĂ€dda.

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