Leaving in 12 hours!

October 10, 2012

My suitcase is packed, and everything (well, almost) are fixed for the trip to New York tomorrow! I’m ready to start my 13 hours trip! Oh, Jesus! It takes so long time to go to the US from here, and on top of that I need to wait at Heathrow airport for 3 hours before I can continue the flight to New York.
What to do? I hate waiting for things to happen. I definitely need to pack a book, so I have something to read while drinking tons of coffee at the airport 😉

I’ve got a LOT of mails during the last weeks from people in the New York area who wanna meet  me when I’m over there. I’m flattered about that you find it interesting to meet me in person, but I’m in NY for vacation, and to spend some time with friends over there. I want to feel relaxed, and I’m afraid it’s no time to arrange “meetings” or things like that. I don’t mean to be bitchy in any sort of way, and I hope you will understand me.
We’re going to this event tomorrow night : http://www.facebook.com/events/114752442011539/
And on Friday, Brendin and I will go and see Suicide commando in Philadelphia. Maybe we’ll see each other there, and if not… You may be “lucky” to see me in the city. 🙂

Yeah, I promised you a picture of the hair. I’ve been working a lot the last days and been really tired when I’ve got home from work in the evening. I hope I can upload a picture of it tomorrow morning. Until then… You get a “herregud picture” of me, and lovely Brendin ^_^


2 Responses to “Leaving in 12 hours!”

  1. Suicide Commando är skitbra! Såg dom på Arvika nåt år. Ha det så trevligt på resan!

    • ivainsane said

      Jag har sett dem ett par ganger innan, men jag ar inget stort fan av deras musik faktiskt. Helt ok, men inte sa mkt mer an det. Festen var riktigt kul dock 😀

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