I don’t want to back comb any hair at all in a while!

October 7, 2012

4 days left in Sweden, before I’ll get my ass over to NYC for two weeks! It feels like I’ve longing for that day to come, for so long !
It’s going to be wonderful to see some familiar faces again. Especially one special face I’ve missed a lot! 😉

I’m so excited about this trip, and a bit nervous too. This will be the first time ever, I travel alone by airplane. I’ve always traveled together with my parents, sister, friends or colleagues before. Maybe I’ll enjoy traveling alone and have some time for myself? I will have a lot of time to write in my notebook (That’s what I do when I relax) I just write everything down that’s comes up in my mind, and I sometimes let people write something to me in it. It’s lovely to go back and read those notes when I miss my closest friends a bit extra.



I’ve been doing hair all day long! Back combing, and steamed dreads, cutted & coloured my hair, and braided in dreads. *sigh*
I’ve never braided dreads to my whole hair before, but it was easier than I expected. My fingers hurts a bit, but besides that I’m fine 😉

I know you’re all curious about how the hair looks, but I don’t have any pictures of it yet. I’ll try to post a picture of it tomorrow evening.
Sleep well, bumble bees! ❤


One Response to “I don’t want to back comb any hair at all in a while!”

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