Happy birthday old witch, you’re half way to 50!

October 1, 2012

From this day, the 1’st of October 2012 I’m not longer a 24 year old girl. This is my first day as a 25 year old hag!
People tell me that there’s now I’m having the best moment in life in front of me, and that life only will be better and better from now on. I’m not sure about that…
I always fight against time. It slips away from my hands so easily. I will be standing there at the age of 30 and wonder how the hell 5 years could pass away that fast. I’m a bit curious how my life will look like in 5 years tho. Seriously, I have no idea!
My friends getting engaged, married, pregnant and move in together with the one they love.
They buy a car, a dog, and they spend all the time of their summer vacation in the country house.
They eat dinner together at 5 p.m , talk about how the day at work have been, and they have a twin bed with IKEA blankets they’re sleeping in together at night. Yikes! When did we get from being children to adults?! I still feel like I’m 12 years old (with a bit more experience of life, tho), and the thought about ME having a baby to take care of, or living a regular “everyday life” makes me wanna laugh! I’m definitely not there yet!
I don’t know if I ever will be there. Maybe it’s not my cup of tea? Well, time will tell, and as I said – I’m looking forward to see how my life will be in 5 years!

Big, happy, family?

I didn’t wanted to celebrate my birthday in any sort of way this year, and I didn’t had high expectations about this day at all! But in the morning, when I was at work and fixed some stuff, my dear friend from Germany called me to say “happy birthday”. It made me so happy, and it was amazing to hear his voice again! Not long time after that, my partner in crime – Freddie ,called me to wish me a happy birthday. Your phone calls meant a lot to me, and I’m so glad that you took your time for it! ❤


I got some presents as well, and I didn’t expected that at all!
A bottle of sparkling wine, a book with prints from Mark Ryden (One of my favourites artists) and something really cute from a friend of mine, who will leave Sweden on wednesday and be gone for 6 months! She had made a super-cute bag with a picture of me on it, and writing a poem to me. I started to cry when she handed me the gift today. I got so affected by reading it! I will read that text everytime I feel like life sucks, and I will be thinking of that I have friends that appreciate me for being “Jenni”.
So, thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes today and a special thanks to the ones that made me feel more “special to you”  in any way. I love you ❤




I appreciated most of the birthday wishes, except this one, below maybe. Lol, I hope she woke up on the right side of the pillow this morning 😉



5 Responses to “Happy birthday old witch, you’re half way to 50!”

  1. GothicHeartsandBatWings said

    So happy to hear that the day was as wonderful as could be love! Happy Birthday! ^,.,^ Tons of sweet gothic hugs and kisses your way. Thanks for being such an awesome role model.
    Tons of Love Bites,

  2. Ananda said

    Happy bloody birthday! Mi best wishes for you, don’t worry about what can happen in the future or if the time ran to fast, sure you have many sweet things to live 🙂 and what’s the problem of that girl? she comment that on facebook?

  3. Happy Birthday! Heh, usually people want to turn 25 over and over again, so I’d assume that this year should be the best in your life yet eh? 😉

    That girl… I think her comment shows the direction where her life is headed more than yours. And I’m pretty sure she won’t like it. She should remember that what you sow is what you reap.

  4. MM said

    Jenni, I understand you SO bad. I’m turning 25 tomorrow, and I’m kinda sad. I read somewhere that in this age you start losing colagen (Not sure if its called like thar in english though lol) of your face skin and winkles around eyes start to appear! So I’m worried cause I have a naturally smooth baby face like yours 😀 I guess I’ll need to buy some good anti-winkles cosmetics 😦
    Besides I don’t wanna have kids neither, so I doubt about the future…and I would like to find a good job too. Gosh, our generation was really spoiled, we still feel like 90’s kids! I least I do! But we gotta need hope and everything will go better 🙂 I wish a really happy birthday and have FUN girl! ❤

  5. mira said

    this is actually horrible – i have to take responsibility for my boyfriend saying that on my account! i wish i would have noticed sooner in able to be order to apologize… i wish you nothing but the best! ❤

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