My mum is in the house!

September 19, 2012

I picked up someone with a well known face at the central station this evening – My mum!
Oh, god! Now I need to behave like an adult during the days she’s here. Not too loud music, no feet on the table, no silly dancing in the living room, AND I need to try socialise with someone when I get home from work. I usually don’t do that.

My mum is a lovely and caring woman, but you know how parents are, right? They’re worried about you, and ask you tons of questions about everything! Work, boys, health, food, money, blah, blah, blah. Haha!


 My mum, when she just arrived to Gothenburg.


2 Responses to “My mum is in the house!”

  1. lior said

    … and then one day something happens to them and you pray for the first time in your life even though you don’t believe in higher power…

  2. I dislike my mom so much. we were best friends once, but since i moved out i understood how wrong she is. hope you’re doing ok!

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