A day together with my beloved, “Herregud-friend”

September 16, 2012

My friend Karin is in town this weekend. She’s totally crazy (I like it!) , and strange things always happens when she’s around. Last time she was here, she sat her eyelashes on fire, we walked home in a fu**ing storm, we had a strange conversation with another friend on the phone, we got to many drink tickets and we found a new hipster friend at the club that seemed to like me a lot! Lol! Oh, sweet memories!

                                         Before I met Karin in town.


This time wasn’t an exception for weird things to happen. Like I said, it happens all the time when I’m with that girl!
It started this friday afternoon, at a café. Karin and I had some coffee, and talked about everything between which brand who has the best cottage cheese, and if it’s true that boys rather think with their penis than their brain?! (I think we figured out that the majority of men, sadly does )

                                         Karin, having breakfast at a café in Haga

                                        The enterior.

                           Fresh flowers on the table


However, I needed to go back to work so we took our jackets on and was on our way out of the café, when a man shouted at us. I thought we had forgot something at the table, but when Karin and I turned around , we saw that he was holding a note in his hand, and wanted us to come and get it.
Karin took a few steps closer to the man to see what the note said…

When she told me what he had written on that note, I burst out in a loud laugh all over the café!
“You two looking good 😉 ” – Come on!!! This guy was in the age of 40, and we were definitely not his type of girls. When did middle-aged people started to write notes, instead of open their mouth and talk?!
If he wanted to flirt with us, he could at least bought us more coffee! 😉

I had a great time with my beloved “Herregud-friend”  (OMG-friend)
Thanks Karin, for making me have a huge smile on my face all day long! (Hrrmm… and some moments of blushing cheeks as well, haha! ) I love that girl! ❤

                            Today’s special


3 Responses to “A day together with my beloved, “Herregud-friend””

  1. Dan S said

    Sounds like you two have quite the adventures. What I would give to have a cup of coffee (or tea) with Jenni. ((sigh))

  2. veshta said

    You inspire me with your grace! ))

  3. Zoidberg said

    Your use of rage faces is bad and you should feel bad!

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