That moment when you realize, he’s actually fapping.

September 7, 2012

Some pictures of me and Brendin got posted on Facebook yesterday. The most lovely girl, Katti Foster took this photo of us after we had some spontaneous coctail party at their friend, Melanie’s place. It was the first time ever in my life I could watch the sun rise over New york city. I remember the view my eyes saw that morning, like it was yesterday. I’m so in love with that city and all the people over there, across the sea.

It all started with something cute (Yeah, I think that Brendin’s sleeping/passed out-face is very sweet here *giggles*) and ended up in something hilarious! I mean…I couln’t stop laughing yesterday night!
Thanks to Eric and Danny, for getting the idea of doing this silly shit! 
Which one is your favourite?

This was the original picture, photographed by Katti Foster, and retouched by Melanie Warner

And then…. Eric and Danny got the brilliant idea to remake the picture a bit.



















5 Responses to “That moment when you realize, he’s actually fapping.”

  1. Aww, hehe. I do agree, such an adorable sleepy-head. The original is so cute! ^,.,^ As for the ones that made me laugh of the edited photos, I’d say all did, but what made me giggle my lungs out was the fifth one. Hahahaha, XD poor boy.

  2. Beautiful picture 😉

  3. Anna said

    Ahahahah! So hilarious! xD

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