The outsider at the tattoo exhibition

September 4, 2012

This weekend has been filled with a lot of crazy, and fun stuff. You can tell if you’re looking at my poor body. wounds and bruises everywhere!
I started to add that sort of “body modification” at the M’era Luna festival, a few weeks ago. Added some more at the party last weekend, and finished it this weekend. Now I need to take it easy for a while. My body hurts, and I really don’t feel like I’m in the mood for more Vodka, Ahoj, or Redbull…

Ahoj! ❤

There was a festival going on in Gothenburg this weekend, called Electronic summer. I won my ticket to the festival at a nightclub last week, and I obviously got a VIP-pass that gave me access to the backstage area.
During the festival in Germany, my sister complained that I always disappear, and they find me several hours later….drunk.
That’s what happened this weekend too. I got to the festival with my friends, found some other people to talk with ( I was “just” going to the ladies, and then coming right back) and ended up backstage, with free drinks in my hand, dancing to silly songs, and cuddled the OMG-Bear… Do I need to tell you more? It all ended like it use to…
Well, maybe a bit worse than it use to (at least on the first day of the festival). I have no idea what I’d been doing that night. When I woke up the day after I found my light switch in the bathroom like this!

Do I think that I’m an electrician when I’m drunk or what?!?!

Day one- Ready to leave!

Me and the sweetheart, Johanna!


I met Dirk, from Germany again!

Day two- Having a hangover….

Time to start the party again :/



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After I’d been partying for two days in a row, it felt very nice to wake up on Sunday morning and not have vodka for breakfast. Instead of that, I went to a tattoo exhibition.

Tired girl in the morning, before the exhibiton

At the moment I don’t have any tattoos at all, but I’m planning on getting some done. I’ve been looking on the web for a long time, trying to find a tattoo artist that I really like. I found one interesting, two years ago and he was working at the exhibition, so I talked to him a bit.
If I wanna get tattooed by that guy, I need to be patient and wait for at least 2 years! It seems like he’s a really popular artist. I’m very picky when it comes to which person I allow to decorate my skin with something that will be there the rest of my life, but I’m also very picky that the connection between custumer and artist are good. Why does most of the guys in this business, act so cocky?! I was terrified to talk to any of the artists! Lol! (Ok, the guys at the piercing studio I use to go to, are some real sweethearts to me, so they’re not included here )

Just arrived to the tattoo exhibition

While I was walking around the exhibition, looking at the artists portfolio and peoples painful facial expressions while they got their tattoos done, I found a really sweet tattoo artist who has done some amazing tattoos.
When I stood there, and watched her do a tattoo on a girls arm, I just felt like “ Ok, THIS is the person I want to decorate my body, no matter what it costs”
The problem is… That she lives  in Germany! But, I can’t think of anyone else to do the artwork on my body, so I NEED to go there and make it happen!

Pain, pain , pain….

More pain!


I think I was the only one at the exhibition, with no tattoos at all! I wonder if people assumed that I had tattoos under my sweater, just because of my style and my piercings?

The truth is that I’m like an untouched little virgin when it comes to ink on my skin. I hope I’ll have the chance to change that as soon as possible, tho!


5 Responses to “The outsider at the tattoo exhibition”

  1. Hello love! You’ve been awarded the “One Lovely Blog” Award! ^,.,^
    Always love reading your lovely blog!
    Tons of Love Bites,

  2. Angelica said

    Haha jag är precis som du, försvinner också alltid ifrån mina vänner när jag dricker alkohol! Går ut för att ta en cigg, återfinns en timme senare någon annanstans.

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