I’ll give you a quick update, before I go to bed.

I need to go to bed quite early today because I’m going to my friends wedding tomorrow! I’m gonna fix her hair in the morning, and hopefully have the time to make myself pretty as well. I still don’t know what to wear, and the fact that their isn’t any special dresscode make it even worse! I have a beautiful dress from a designer in London but I’m afraid it’s too short to wear at a wedding. I don’t want my friends grandpa to pass out because my butt is shown!

The couple that will get married tomorrow! Oh, fuck! I’m gonna cry of happiness and ruin my make up!

Btw, I have a new pair of shoes in my collection as well. I just say, Jeffrey Campbell ❤
Those shoes are so comfortable, for being high heels!
The Lita spike boots, with black spikes, are my new babies from now on. Oh… those and my beloved New rock of course 😉

Jeffrey Campbell- Lita spike, but shown with silver studs in this picture.


My mum is in the house!

September 19, 2012

I picked up someone with a well known face at the central station this evening – My mum!
Oh, god! Now I need to behave like an adult during the days she’s here. Not too loud music, no feet on the table, no silly dancing in the living room, AND I need to try socialise with someone when I get home from work. I usually don’t do that.

My mum is a lovely and caring woman, but you know how parents are, right? They’re worried about you, and ask you tons of questions about everything! Work, boys, health, food, money, blah, blah, blah. Haha!


 My mum, when she just arrived to Gothenburg.

It was time to say goodbye to my soulmate and herregud-friend Karin today. Before she took the flight back to Stockholm, we had time to grab a coffee and continue the talk about our first world problems.
We’re always talking about to write a book about them, but we have not even started with the prologue yet. It would probably be one of the thickest book you can find in the bookstore, filled with a lot of crap and weird thoughts from weird girls. 

Karin work as a bus driver, and we found the perfect handbag for her in a store!


 We also found the perfect hat for her!


Bye, bye my dearest friend! ❤ 😦



And this was me today. I made a clone of myself, so Karin could bring one to Stockholm and cuddle me when she feels forever alone!

My friend Karin is in town this weekend. She’s totally crazy (I like it!) , and strange things always happens when she’s around. Last time she was here, she sat her eyelashes on fire, we walked home in a fu**ing storm, we had a strange conversation with another friend on the phone, we got to many drink tickets and we found a new hipster friend at the club that seemed to like me a lot! Lol! Oh, sweet memories!

                                         Before I met Karin in town.


This time wasn’t an exception for weird things to happen. Like I said, it happens all the time when I’m with that girl!
It started this friday afternoon, at a café. Karin and I had some coffee, and talked about everything between which brand who has the best cottage cheese, and if it’s true that boys rather think with their penis than their brain?! (I think we figured out that the majority of men, sadly does )

                                         Karin, having breakfast at a café in Haga

                                        The enterior.

                           Fresh flowers on the table


However, I needed to go back to work so we took our jackets on and was on our way out of the café, when a man shouted at us. I thought we had forgot something at the table, but when Karin and I turned around , we saw that he was holding a note in his hand, and wanted us to come and get it.
Karin took a few steps closer to the man to see what the note said…

When she told me what he had written on that note, I burst out in a loud laugh all over the café!
“You two looking good 😉 ” – Come on!!! This guy was in the age of 40, and we were definitely not his type of girls. When did middle-aged people started to write notes, instead of open their mouth and talk?!
If he wanted to flirt with us, he could at least bought us more coffee! 😉

I had a great time with my beloved “Herregud-friend”  (OMG-friend)
Thanks Karin, for making me have a huge smile on my face all day long! (Hrrmm… and some moments of blushing cheeks as well, haha! ) I love that girl! ❤

                            Today’s special


September 11, 2012


Not a single day goes by, without me thinking of you….

Modeling for Kawaii design!

September 10, 2012

I was modelling for the Swedish shop “Kawaii Design” today. Some new clothes for this fall had arrived, and needed to be photographed and posted on the webshop (http://www.kawaiidesign.se)
Thanks to everyone involved! I had a fun Sunday evening, together with colorful girls, and cute dogs! ❤

Some previous modeling I’ve done for kawaiidesign.se

And here you’ll see some behind the scene pictures from today’s shoot!>
Before I was heading to the photo studio.

 Smiling sailor-girls, with the cute, stuffed animal-pig from New York!

We’re having a break. Everyone! Pick up your cell phone!!!  LOL!




It’s not a good idea to go out and drink, and then running home in pouring rain, in the middle of the night, all excited to make a video chat before you go to bed.
I was cuddling down under the sheets in my cosy bed, put the headset in my ears, turned on the lamp next to me and…..fall asleep!

I woke up in the morning, and found out that I’ve almost start a fire in my bed!

My burned blanket from IKEA, with ants on it. I hope I didn’t killed any of them.



My neighbour died some years ago, because he got home pretty drunk from a club, lighted a cigarette in bed ,and fall asleep.
I wonder if this building is cursed? Maybe it’s supposed that all of the people who’s living here, sooner or later will die in a fire?!? Does anyone have another apartment I can move in to……now?!

Some pictures of me and Brendin got posted on Facebook yesterday. The most lovely girl, Katti Foster took this photo of us after we had some spontaneous coctail party at their friend, Melanie’s place. It was the first time ever in my life I could watch the sun rise over New york city. I remember the view my eyes saw that morning, like it was yesterday. I’m so in love with that city and all the people over there, across the sea.

It all started with something cute (Yeah, I think that Brendin’s sleeping/passed out-face is very sweet here *giggles*) and ended up in something hilarious! I mean…I couln’t stop laughing yesterday night!
Thanks to Eric and Danny, for getting the idea of doing this silly shit! 
Which one is your favourite?

This was the original picture, photographed by Katti Foster, and retouched by Melanie Warner

And then…. Eric and Danny got the brilliant idea to remake the picture a bit.


















This weekend has been filled with a lot of crazy, and fun stuff. You can tell if you’re looking at my poor body. wounds and bruises everywhere!
I started to add that sort of “body modification” at the M’era Luna festival, a few weeks ago. Added some more at the party last weekend, and finished it this weekend. Now I need to take it easy for a while. My body hurts, and I really don’t feel like I’m in the mood for more Vodka, Ahoj, or Redbull…

Ahoj! ❤

There was a festival going on in Gothenburg this weekend, called Electronic summer. I won my ticket to the festival at a nightclub last week, and I obviously got a VIP-pass that gave me access to the backstage area.
During the festival in Germany, my sister complained that I always disappear, and they find me several hours later….drunk.
That’s what happened this weekend too. I got to the festival with my friends, found some other people to talk with ( I was “just” going to the ladies, and then coming right back) and ended up backstage, with free drinks in my hand, dancing to silly songs, and cuddled the OMG-Bear… Do I need to tell you more? It all ended like it use to…
Well, maybe a bit worse than it use to (at least on the first day of the festival). I have no idea what I’d been doing that night. When I woke up the day after I found my light switch in the bathroom like this!

Do I think that I’m an electrician when I’m drunk or what?!?!

Day one- Ready to leave!

Me and the sweetheart, Johanna!


I met Dirk, from Germany again!

Day two- Having a hangover….

Time to start the party again :/



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After I’d been partying for two days in a row, it felt very nice to wake up on Sunday morning and not have vodka for breakfast. Instead of that, I went to a tattoo exhibition.

Tired girl in the morning, before the exhibiton

At the moment I don’t have any tattoos at all, but I’m planning on getting some done. I’ve been looking on the web for a long time, trying to find a tattoo artist that I really like. I found one interesting, two years ago and he was working at the exhibition, so I talked to him a bit.
If I wanna get tattooed by that guy, I need to be patient and wait for at least 2 years! It seems like he’s a really popular artist. I’m very picky when it comes to which person I allow to decorate my skin with something that will be there the rest of my life, but I’m also very picky that the connection between custumer and artist are good. Why does most of the guys in this business, act so cocky?! I was terrified to talk to any of the artists! Lol! (Ok, the guys at the piercing studio I use to go to, are some real sweethearts to me, so they’re not included here )

Just arrived to the tattoo exhibition

While I was walking around the exhibition, looking at the artists portfolio and peoples painful facial expressions while they got their tattoos done, I found a really sweet tattoo artist who has done some amazing tattoos.
When I stood there, and watched her do a tattoo on a girls arm, I just felt like “ Ok, THIS is the person I want to decorate my body, no matter what it costs”
The problem is… That she lives  in Germany! But, I can’t think of anyone else to do the artwork on my body, so I NEED to go there and make it happen!

Pain, pain , pain….

More pain!


I think I was the only one at the exhibition, with no tattoos at all! I wonder if people assumed that I had tattoos under my sweater, just because of my style and my piercings?

The truth is that I’m like an untouched little virgin when it comes to ink on my skin. I hope I’ll have the chance to change that as soon as possible, tho!