My early birthday gift to myself!

August 25, 2012

If you follow me on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen that I posted a status some days ago, that I just bought myself the most expensive birthday gift I’ve ever had!
I will turn 25 this fall (half way to 50!!!) and I thought that I was worth the best birthday gift I can imagine right now – A trip to NEW YORK!


I know it was less than 4 weeks since I got home from the US, but I can’t wait to go back there!
I’ll have the time to explore the city, partying, chilling, being amazed, and screaming “herregud!” (OMG in Swedish) about everything over there AND the best thing of it all : I will see some amazing people again!
Oh God, you can’t imagine how much I already miss the people over there! It’s ridiculous ! ❤
I’m actually afraid that I’ll hug some of them to death! O__O

I’m leaving Sweden October the 11’th, and will stay in the US for two weeks!
It’s going to be the first travel I do with flight, all alone. I need to confess that I’m a bit nervous about it. Not to do the flight alone, It’s more if it’ll be any problem during the trip, and my poor english will not be enough…
Haha, I’m so wimpish! Let’s just hope that I’ll be fine, and that the security guards are as nice to me this time, like they were last time I went to the states.
Do you guys have any favourite neighbourhoods or places in NYC? Things that I can’t miss to see, or things I need to do? Give me all of your tips!

And from talking about super, awesome trips to New york, to change the subject to something totally different. CHILDREN!
I use to say that I hate kids ( in fact I just like to eat them for breakfast) I don’t hate all of them. The truth is that I actually have some kids that I feel is quite cute and ok, to be around. Probably most because the childs mother or father are a friend of mine, and I like them a lot.

My friend “Mirre” will get married in the end of September, and I will do her hair to the wedding. We met up at my salon today, to discuss what to do with the hair on that special day. She had both her boyfriend and little son with her and I actually felt like it was a very cute and adorable feeling to see the family together.
I also got quite impressed by myself …. I was smiling to that baby boy (it was a 100% genuine smile) and I stroked his head a bit as well!
From now on, I declare Mirres baby, to be accepted ! 😉

Mirre, and her baby @ the salon.


One Response to “My early birthday gift to myself!”

  1. Aww, such a cutie the little boy! And wow, what a wonderful gift to give yourself! Hope you enjoy your two week stay.
    Tons of Love Bites,

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