Sweet needles!

August 24, 2012

I had my day off from work today. It was wonderful to have the chance to sleep a bit longer than usual, even if I find it hard to get that much rest as I need to. It’s so boring to sleep!



I went to town for a while today, just because I wanted to have a coffee at a café, writing in my notebook and relaxing. I wasn’t supposed to do any shopping at all, but as I’m a girl it’s dangerous to be in town when the store’s still opened, and…..I got home with a new skirt! Girls, girls, girls…. *sigh*
With the new skirt in my bag, I took my long legs and went to the piercing studio to buy some new jewelry to my ears, and I came out with a new piercing ! (At this point I know that my mum will sit at the dinner table, reading my blog and tell my father who’s sitting in the sofa and reading the newspaper : ” Jenni has done a new piercing!!!”
Haha, tell me if I’m not right about that! )

I just made a new labret, because I needed some change in my face. Now, I will have more opportunities to change jewelry and make my face look different. I like that!


Pssst! Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my early birthday gift to myself!


2 Responses to “Sweet needles!”

  1. Minouille said

    At last I find someone who thinks that sleeping is boring! +1! 😀
    By the other hand I feel jealous about all your piercings ( I have a bad phobia against needles!)

  2. Happy Early Birthday! ^,.,^ Love reading your blog love. I do agree, it is dangerous to go out on town with the stores still open and just taunting you to buy something when not to.
    Tons of Love Bites,

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