Support, and make people smile!

August 22, 2012

I rarely share pages or any type of commercial, for something or someone at facebook or here in my blog. Why?
That’s a quite simple question…
I get tons of mail every week, from people who want me to share or like their pages on facebook. I’m sorry, but most of the pages are total crap! The music sounds awful, your art is not interesting at all, and it looks like your mum has taken your “modeling pictures” with her cellphone camera. (was I too UCG now?!)
When I see people who really enjoy what they’re doing, doing it good, and want to progress, it makes my heart feels warm and I gladly like to tell other people about it!

Photo: Katti Foster/ Kidtee hello photography


When I, for 5 weeks ago went to the US to do the “Nations collide tour” I let to know a guy from one of the other bands Fredrik and I was touring with. He has a lovely personality, and he really have a passion for what he’s doing – Music.
He’s planning to have new tour soon, to spread his music to the ones of you who couldn’t come and see the “Nations collide tour” we had in July, for some reason.
So, the suggestion to all my followers from this picky, UCG-girl is to make sure you don’t miss his next concert, ok?
Remember what I told you in the beginning of this post: I very rarely support things like this, so when I do. Make sure it’s f***ing good!

Photo: Katti Foster/ Kidtee hello photography

Photo: Katti Foster/ Kidtee hello photography


You can listen to some of Frontal Boundary’s tracks here:

And, after you’ve listen to it, and feel like “OMG! I NEED SOME MORE OF THIS SHIT, IT’S FREAKIN ‘ GOOD!!!!”
You can easily click this link : and support Frontal boundary, so they can go to a city near your area and make your body wanna move to the beat! 😉

Photo: Katti Foster/ Kidtee hello photography

Oh, Btw! I have the Frontal Boundary /Nations collide tour T-shirt at home. It’s not that UCG, but it’s the only t-shirt I allow UCG-wannabe’s to wear! So if you’re tired to wear diamonds and expensive, uncomfortable clothes when you’re relaxing at home, this will be your only chance to buy something more cosy!
I suggest you to buy a shirt to your friend, mother, grandfather, the outsider in your class or to the one you’re in love with. That would make the world a better place for everyone, AND you would have the chance to see some cool cats playing live around your area!
It’s a win win situation, isn’t it?!


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