Insanely in love!

August 26, 2012

Boys and girls, I feel like need to confess something for you…..

Since some weeks back from now, I’ve had that feeling of love every day!
I can feel it when I wake up in the morning, when I’m on my way home from work in the evening, and when I finally reach my house, lock the door behind me and put on my computer! – Relief!


 Me, before I wen’t out for a coffee and some serious notebook writing in town , yesterday!

My new love is called “Der noir”, and I can’t get enough of it!
I’m talking about this fantastic band from Italy that I’ve just discovered!

I was at a party yesterday and had a great time. Even if I missed some special things to make that night perfect….
Random pictures from the night! Here you go!

Haha! My new shoes! Matching both my outfit and shoesize perfectly! So UCG! Lol

 I made a pretty awesome fall! I wish someone had that on video! 

Björn had made some special, vegetarian jello shots for the vegetarians! ❤

And of course. I was with this lovely boy! Freddie! ❤


If you follow me on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen that I posted a status some days ago, that I just bought myself the most expensive birthday gift I’ve ever had!
I will turn 25 this fall (half way to 50!!!) and I thought that I was worth the best birthday gift I can imagine right now – A trip to NEW YORK!


I know it was less than 4 weeks since I got home from the US, but I can’t wait to go back there!
I’ll have the time to explore the city, partying, chilling, being amazed, and screaming “herregud!” (OMG in Swedish) about everything over there AND the best thing of it all : I will see some amazing people again!
Oh God, you can’t imagine how much I already miss the people over there! It’s ridiculous ! ❤
I’m actually afraid that I’ll hug some of them to death! O__O

I’m leaving Sweden October the 11’th, and will stay in the US for two weeks!
It’s going to be the first travel I do with flight, all alone. I need to confess that I’m a bit nervous about it. Not to do the flight alone, It’s more if it’ll be any problem during the trip, and my poor english will not be enough…
Haha, I’m so wimpish! Let’s just hope that I’ll be fine, and that the security guards are as nice to me this time, like they were last time I went to the states.
Do you guys have any favourite neighbourhoods or places in NYC? Things that I can’t miss to see, or things I need to do? Give me all of your tips!

And from talking about super, awesome trips to New york, to change the subject to something totally different. CHILDREN!
I use to say that I hate kids ( in fact I just like to eat them for breakfast) I don’t hate all of them. The truth is that I actually have some kids that I feel is quite cute and ok, to be around. Probably most because the childs mother or father are a friend of mine, and I like them a lot.

My friend “Mirre” will get married in the end of September, and I will do her hair to the wedding. We met up at my salon today, to discuss what to do with the hair on that special day. She had both her boyfriend and little son with her and I actually felt like it was a very cute and adorable feeling to see the family together.
I also got quite impressed by myself …. I was smiling to that baby boy (it was a 100% genuine smile) and I stroked his head a bit as well!
From now on, I declare Mirres baby, to be accepted ! 😉

Mirre, and her baby @ the salon.

Sweet needles!

August 24, 2012

I had my day off from work today. It was wonderful to have the chance to sleep a bit longer than usual, even if I find it hard to get that much rest as I need to. It’s so boring to sleep!



I went to town for a while today, just because I wanted to have a coffee at a café, writing in my notebook and relaxing. I wasn’t supposed to do any shopping at all, but as I’m a girl it’s dangerous to be in town when the store’s still opened, and…..I got home with a new skirt! Girls, girls, girls…. *sigh*
With the new skirt in my bag, I took my long legs and went to the piercing studio to buy some new jewelry to my ears, and I came out with a new piercing ! (At this point I know that my mum will sit at the dinner table, reading my blog and tell my father who’s sitting in the sofa and reading the newspaper : ” Jenni has done a new piercing!!!”
Haha, tell me if I’m not right about that! )

I just made a new labret, because I needed some change in my face. Now, I will have more opportunities to change jewelry and make my face look different. I like that!


Pssst! Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my early birthday gift to myself!

I rarely share pages or any type of commercial, for something or someone at facebook or here in my blog. Why?
That’s a quite simple question…
I get tons of mail every week, from people who want me to share or like their pages on facebook. I’m sorry, but most of the pages are total crap! The music sounds awful, your art is not interesting at all, and it looks like your mum has taken your “modeling pictures” with her cellphone camera. (was I too UCG now?!)
When I see people who really enjoy what they’re doing, doing it good, and want to progress, it makes my heart feels warm and I gladly like to tell other people about it!

Photo: Katti Foster/ Kidtee hello photography


When I, for 5 weeks ago went to the US to do the “Nations collide tour” I let to know a guy from one of the other bands Fredrik and I was touring with. He has a lovely personality, and he really have a passion for what he’s doing – Music.
He’s planning to have new tour soon, to spread his music to the ones of you who couldn’t come and see the “Nations collide tour” we had in July, for some reason.
So, the suggestion to all my followers from this picky, UCG-girl is to make sure you don’t miss his next concert, ok?
Remember what I told you in the beginning of this post: I very rarely support things like this, so when I do. Make sure it’s f***ing good!

Photo: Katti Foster/ Kidtee hello photography

Photo: Katti Foster/ Kidtee hello photography


You can listen to some of Frontal Boundary’s tracks here:

And, after you’ve listen to it, and feel like “OMG! I NEED SOME MORE OF THIS SHIT, IT’S FREAKIN ‘ GOOD!!!!”
You can easily click this link : and support Frontal boundary, so they can go to a city near your area and make your body wanna move to the beat! 😉

Photo: Katti Foster/ Kidtee hello photography

Oh, Btw! I have the Frontal Boundary /Nations collide tour T-shirt at home. It’s not that UCG, but it’s the only t-shirt I allow UCG-wannabe’s to wear! So if you’re tired to wear diamonds and expensive, uncomfortable clothes when you’re relaxing at home, this will be your only chance to buy something more cosy!
I suggest you to buy a shirt to your friend, mother, grandfather, the outsider in your class or to the one you’re in love with. That would make the world a better place for everyone, AND you would have the chance to see some cool cats playing live around your area!
It’s a win win situation, isn’t it?!

M’era Luna festival 2012

August 19, 2012

At this time, for a week ago. I was in Germany, Hildesheim and drank cheap vodka from kaufland.
The vodka taste like shit, and I will not recommend it to anyone, if you’re not a poor bastard, and really, really, badly need get drunk. That wasn’t my case though, as you all know that I’m a Upper Class Goth (UCG). I bought the cheap vodka because I was trying to fit in with all the others on the festival. 😉

I started my trip with train and bus to my sisters place last Thursday. After a journey that almost took me 6 hours I arrived to Karlskrona. Me and my sister fixed some things with this years outfit, and then I went to bed for 2 hours before I was going to be awake again!
My sister, her husband, and I left early in the morning. We picked up two of our friends, packed huge suitcases in to the car, and started our journey to Germany.

Me and Dorothy the unicorn at 3 a.m. It was time for her to come home to Germany again!

First stop was Denmark tho. My sister and I was going to get the last things to our outfits that we had planned for day one. We always start to plan our outfits too late. And the day before the festival we make a phonecall to  eachother and have this “I-don’t-know-what-to-wear-girltalk”.
Anyhow, we found our saviour in Copenhagen, that finalized our outfit with some cool Sclera lenses! Thank you so much, Kevin!

Sis, Kevin and I after we had finished the deal.

After a 9 hours (?) drive, we finally reached Hildesheim, and could see all of our lovely, german friends again!
It’s one guy I always longing for to see a bit extra during the M’era Luna weekends, and this time he was staying at our hostel, (which means that I would have the chance to see him as often I wanted) I’m talking about my beloved Colin Kip!

The meat-eater crew had a crawing for the swedish meatballs on our way to Hildesheim.

True UCG-sisters on the boat over to Germany.

This years line up wasn’t the best one I’ve seen. Just a few bands I liked to watch, but when I’m at M’era Luna festival, I really don’t care about the line up. I’m there to see my beloved friends, being happy, drinking Mai thai at the moon bar (Just because the bartenders always tells me that’s the strongest one!?) and insert party mode!!!
I was really happy this year! So happy that the security guards said: “You really having a good time, don’t you?!”
Remember kids, always smile and try to be happy,even if life’s a bitch sometimes!

My stunning boy, Colin and I being happy!

Me and my new, super awesome friend, Diana! Happy girls indeed!
Photo: Jörg Lütkemeier

Swedish sisters with Dorothy the unicorn.

Haha! Crazy faces! I love you sis ❤

Diana and I being crazy bitches!
Photo: Jörg Lütkemeier.


The festival, was the best M’era Luna this far, in my opinion. I had a lot of fun, and met some awesome people!
Both people from before, and new faces. Next year, I’ll command every cool cats that I met at the fesival to be a part of our pre gaming at the hostel! I’ll treat you well, serve you UCG-vodka + Ahoj, and being crazy! Deal?

I’m sitting here in the couch and waiting for the hair colour to be finished ,so I can rinse it out. 
Bah, It’s gonna be a long night. After the roots are done, I need to put another haircolor to it before I can go to sleep.
I’m not going for black, sweethearts. So you can calm down and coming back to normal breath again.

My hair looked awful this morning, so I decided to put on one of my wigs- A black one. It matches the colour of my ginger-heart. 




Folks, I’m home from the US tour now. Well, I’ve been home for a couple of days already but the Jet lag didn’t treated me
well at all, so I’ve just been to tired to tell you guys how it has been over there.
I have so many impressions since the tour so I could write this post until I get old and fall off the chair!
I’ll try to keep the text a bit shorter so you don’t get bored tho 😉


The trip to America was probably the best, most fun thing I’ve ever done during my almost 25 years on earth! I’ve met
so many amazing people over there, and I had so much fun doing shows together with Fredrik! I fell in love with NYC
and I’ve already start to save money for my next trip, so I can go back there asap!
When people in Sweden talks about americans, most of them says that they’re unfriendly, and just pretend to be nice to you.
I didn’t noticed that AT ALL! People invited us to their homes, gave us food and booze, and they took so good care of me and the rest of the crew!


This trip has made it’s mark in my heart and brain, It’s a lot of more things I’d like to see over there and a lot of people
I’d like to spend more time with. I’m so happy that I’ve got the chance to do this trip together with Fredrik as a stand in
live keyboardist for Project rotten. That boy is fantastic, and I like to thank him with the longest hug in the universe for
being so caring about me during the trip! Now I know that he has a heart made of pure gold. So I’d like to whisper a thing
in his girlfriends ear… *psscch, he’s a keeper!*


Beware, Americans I will be back! But next time I’ll run away and hide so I miss the flight back to Sweden! 😉