I have a heart, and it’s not made of stone.

July 2, 2012

I’ve been very,very tired and lack of energy the past weeks, and sometimes it feels like my body numbs from my hip and down so today I had an appointment with a doctor at the hospital, in hope that he could figure out if it was something wrong that was going on (well, more than just be a part of the Wimmerstedt family 😉 )


He listened to my heart ( I actually have a heart, and it’s not made of stone), tested my blood pressure, used some sort of instrument to see if I could feel vibrations on different spots on my body, and touched me very gentle on my legs, forehead and cheeks just to check that I felt the same pressure on both sides of my body.
When he had finished his touching all over my body, I put on my clothes again and went to a nurse that took some blood tests. I got a bit upset when I saw that the UCG-blood wasn’t royal blue or sparkled like diamonds.

More waiting…

I was hoping for a cute little plaster on my arm after the test, but no! Probably I’ve grown too old now and don’t deserve a Hello Kitty plaster on my arm anymore. All I got was a horrible piece of paper attached to my arm with tape!
I felt so unhappy about it, so I painted it on my own instead




When I got home from the hospital, I saw that someone had made a post in a forum for hairdressers that actually pissed me off a bit, so I started to argue about this thing. I wrote a whole novell, but that would be very boring for you to read, so I’ll just share a picture of how I was feeling at the moment.


I spent the evening at the gym, and after the workout I was going to meet a whole bunch of cutie-pies! My sister and her family are in town right now, so I joined them at their hotel for a while. I hadn’t met my sister since christmas (oh jesus lord!) so we had a lot of things to talk about. We talked about top secret things, funny things, weird things, odd people, loveable people, festivals and the good part of having a sugardaddy in Germany *happy girls*

Cute kids!

Today’s Jenni. Boring, upset, and trying to be a cool cat


2 Responses to “I have a heart, and it’s not made of stone.”

  1. Aww, poor you! I was at the ER a while ago (I choked on a fucking piece of candy), and took a blood test – Thank.. whatever that my boyfriend was there to hold my hand!
    I also tend to write ”novels” when people diss hairdressers for ”cutting off too much” or ”wrecking their hair” for trying to bleach their black hair blonde. People can be pretty stupid sometimes, so I have to defend my craft!
    Awww, Adora’s kids are so cute 😀

  2. miu said

    Your skin looks perect! What foundation do you use and how do you apply it?

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