Today I finally fixed “the thing” I was going to do yesterday.
I got punched by a guy right on my nose, and it started to bleed! The funny thing about this situation, is that I actually payed him for doing it to me! He was nice, and gave me a jewelry as a reward though 😉
It was that special kind of jewelry I waited for to be sterilized yesterday.

Now I feel relieved of having a symmetrical placing of my piercings.
The first piercing I ever made (except the ears) was my nostril, and now I went for having the opposite side of the nose pierced. Sorry mum and dad, I know you don’t like when I put more metal in my face, but I did it just because I wanted it to be harder to pass the security check before I’m going to the US, so the security guys need to touch me a bit more. 😉
Isn’t that the thing about having piercings at different places all over your body? Or is it just me? I mean, the security check is the only thing I’m looking forward to, when I’ll do a flight….

Todays hairdo!

Last picture of my nose without jewelry


Still a bit of blood since the punching, but I think the guy fixed the situation really good!

Ahhh, sweet symmetry! 

And, the things that was in that huge package I got yesterday was this:



(Pictures from & 

The shoes will be modified, so I think they’ll be really cool after that! And if someone wonder…YES they’re very comfy to wear! ^^ 


I know I promised you that I would write about something more interesting today.
The thing is that the subject I was purposed to write about got moved up until tomorrow afternoon. But it will be even better then, I tell you!




One thing that made me feel very happy today , was a letter with an ugly envelope that I found in my mailbox this morning. I love to get handwritten mails sent to me! THANKS! ❤
I’ve learned that the Swedish postmen are much faster than the German ones. I think the Germans need to change their bratwürst eating habits so they can trample the bicycle faster 😉



AND…. I got a huge package of stuff I’ve ordered online today. I’ll fix some pictures of what was inside it tomorrow ^^


I got this awesome takImagee away mug from my sister as a gift, since she knows that I love the art made of Mark Ryden. I feel like a real UCG on my way to my job in the mornings, and I see the jealous eyes of the other passengers, when I enter the tram. 😉

Just wanted to make a quick update, before going to bed. Tomorrow it’ll be some more interesting things to write about *giggles*

Until then…PICTURES! ^_^

Lunch break together with Anders at my favourite coffee bar

My new skeleton ring.

 Exhausted girl after the workout.

With only 4 hours of sleep, I get up from my warm and cosy bed, packed my bag and went to the gym this morning.
My eyes was so tired, and I really felt for going back to bed and sleep some more hours, instead of standing on that f*cking cross trainer. -____-
I found a bottle of “Celsius” in my fridge that I got from a trainer last week, and drank it while I was thinking how good I would feel after the workout.

Tired girl at 6 a.m -____- 

Another thing that made me put on my workout clothes and go to the gym, was the new, awesome trainer at those indoor walking classes! She have the same hairdo as Amy Winehouse, she’s really cute and pushes everyone to fight harder, in a very good way! You just need to love her!



After the workout and the day at the salon, I met one of my best friends, Anders. We grabbed a huge can of black coffee together, talked about hairdresser-first world problems and what we’re gonna do with our silly lifes 😉

Anders with his lovely t-shirt!….But Anders, isn’t it tuesday today?!


 Coffee at “Le pain Francais”


 Yatta!!! 😉

Le tired girl, finally home from work!

I had lived in Gothenburg for more than 4 years before it happened to me.
I was on my way home from the gym, I was sweaty and all wet when three guys jumped on the tram just a few stops before my station.
One of them walked through the tram in my direction, and stoped just in front of me. He looked in my eyes and said “Hello”.
I looked back in his eyes, and said “hi”. At this moment, I can say that “Love is in the air” didn’t fitted in at all!
He wasn’t my cup of tea, and probably 30 years older than I were, but I knew why he was standing there, so I just did what I was supposed to do, even without him asking first.The people on the tram looked at me with eyes bigger than dinner plates, but I was still calm as I knew that I hadn’t done something wrong.
I was searching for that “special little thing” in my bag, found it and gave it to him so he could do his thing.
He opened it and hold it close to his “machine”, but I still felt very cool about the situation.
The people on the tram was still staring at us, so when we arrived to the stop where I was supposed to get off, I asked him friendly “Mr. do you mind if we go off here, both of us?”

We jumped off the tram together, and he asked me to sign a paper first. I did as I was told and asked some silly questions about the situation, just because it was the first time ever for me. He answered me very polite and said that it wasn’t any oddities about it.


I think it’s best for me to end here, and not tell you more about this. Anyway, this was the story how I lost my virginity…. My virginity of being caught by the fucking TRAM CONTROLLERS!!!!!

I checked for how long my monthly card would still last, just a few days ago and I thought the screen said “The 27’th of June” Not the 22’nd !
After the whole situation, when I was walking home to my apartment in the rain I didn’t knew if I would cry, or not.
I imagined myself drinking water and eating hard rye bread the upcoming month.Then I realized that I’m a UCG (“Upper class goth”), and don’t need to worry about things like that. I can still drink my expensive champagne to dinner, I can buy costly diamonds and it doesn’t matter if I use my moneys as hankies when I’m having a cold!
1200 SEK,(about 135 Euro) are nothing for a true UCG to pay! Lol

First I got sad, and cried black tears because I’m so goth! Lol

But then I realized that I’m a true UCG, so I putted on my crown…..FOOOOUUUK YAAA!


Before this incident, I was in town and bought some new jewelry to my nipple piercings, had an espresso, and went to some gym-classes. Except from the rain, it actually was a quite nice day….. until I lost my virginity.

Before heading town today. It was cold and rainy </3

New shields!


The midsummer celebration was lovely, and I’m still alive even though the Swedes drinking habits 😉
This year, we had two new guests at the party. Dorothy the unicorn, and Peddo-bear. In this writing moment, Dorothy is on the couch and complains about her hungover. I mean, come on! The party was for two days ago, she can’t be serious!? This makes me wonder how silly the german drinking habits must be. Is it only water in those cheap bottles at the supermarket or what?! 

Me and my friends!

Some nasty thing we drank together with vodka.

Like I said… It always rains at midsummer!

The host!

Today I’ve been in town together with Fredrik. We went to some stores before we sat down at a café, had a coffee and talked about crazy things like we use to do. When I was on my way home it started to rain, and it was a lot of it I tell you! When I finally came home, I looked like a newly washed kitten. Why don’t you bring your umbrella when you need it the most? *sigh*




Tomorrow it’s time to celebrate midsummer here in Sweden.
At a typical midsummer-party, every girl comes in a sweet summer-dress with flowers in her hair, you eat a lot of tasty strawberries, the sun is shining, everybody loves the herring (that you eat as a tradition) and everybody dancing around the maypole hand in hand, singing traditional silly songs in Swedish.
The truth is:
No one has had the time to get flowers to put in their hair , because of all stress to get the food ready until the guests are coming, The strawberries are imported from Spain and you need to use a full package of sugar on top of them to make them as sweet as you want them to be. It always rains, and are fucking cold, so if you forget to bring your winter jacket you gonna freeze your ass off! You don’t like the herring but you eat a small piece of it just because it’s a tradition to eat that kind of stuff that day (As I’m a vegetarian I will definitely not eat that this year) When it comes to the dancing around the may pole, everyone already had too much vodka so they’re laying on the ground, screaming after more booze instead of jumping around that silly tree.

However, I will celebrate midsummer together with my beloved friend, Fredrik and his girlfriend.
I guess it’ll be some more people at the party, but I don’t know which yet. That’ll be a surprise!
Let’s see if we manage to fix that little dance around the may pole, or if we’re going to lay on the ground and scream after more booze at that time 😉

I’ll post some pictures from today, below.
Found those ugly, but very sleepy hollow’ish sunglasses in town, and I looked so silly in them that I just needed to buy them! ❤




Me and Frankenstein, before heading town!









The silly sunglasses on a silly girl ! Lol!






Insanely geeky glasses





Insane girl, just bought booze to tomorrows party!


New boyfriend?

June 20, 2012

If you’re a friend of mine, or a friend from facebook I guess you may know that I’ve been single for quite a long time now (Facebook tells you everything about me, and my silly life)
I know that some of my friends and family are more curious than others, about if I’m dating someone at the moment or not.
I guess that my parents think that I meet new guys all the time, when I’m talking with them in phone. I talk about “Going to the cinema together with *insert random male-name here*” “Having dinner with….”, “staying at …. place” and so on.
The truth is: I’m a girl that like to have boys as friends.

But I have one guy that’s something else than a friend of mine.
I saw him for the first time when I was in the younger teenages. He was many years older than me, so I felt that the best way was just to be secretly in love with him. Ever since then I’ve been taken my chance to see him as often as I can, but I’m sure he doesn’t know how much I like him as I never had a good chance to tell him the truth….
Then he met girl after girl, started to build a family, bought a house together with his girlfriend….. I could just stay beside, and see those two people be happily in love with each other.

Now he’s single again, and I’ll do what it takes to get a date with him.
Mum, and dad, sister with family, close friends, and curious stalkers, let me introduce you to the guy who will be a part of the family from now on:














Well, hmmm…. I think this is more truly me. Sorry mum and dad, I think you need to see cats as your future grandchild from my side of the family 😉
Forever alone! Lol!


New phone!

June 19, 2012

I got myself a new cell phone yesterday! I had my Iphone 3Gs for almost three years, and it was time for me to get a new one. In fact I liked my old phone very much. (I have no idea about what those Iphone-haters talk about) It has never been any problems with it, and you have the possibility to make your phone very personal with a lot of different skins to choose from.
The guys in the store, told me a lot of reasons for me to get the Samsung galaxy S3 instead of an Iphone 4s, and after some convincing from them, I went out from the store with that new android cell phone in my hand.

Now I just need to learn how to use an android, but so far I think it’s quite familiar to my old phone. Maybe it’s a bit more complicated to use this, than the Iphone. But hey! This will be fun 😀


I’m an addict.

June 17, 2012

I’ve been using most of my make up from Make up store, as long as I can remember. It was the only store with a big selection of different type of make up, when I still lived in the small town in southern Sweden. I’ve been quite pleased to use some of their products and never thought about try something new.

It wasn’t until I tried their eye primer, I got really disappointed.
A friend told me to try the “Paintpot” from MAC cosmetics instead , and so I did (even if I’ve never been a big fan of their products)
I bought the black one, and my eyeshadow stayed on in the exact same quality the whole day !
I started to worry about that I actually was a MAC-addict, but to find out, I needed to buy some more products from them.

Some weeks after, I was visit the store to buy a paintpot in a different colour. The girl at the desk was very cute to me, and gave me two tests of a face primer as well.
The day after, I tried the first one. went to work, got back home in the evening and was still very happy about the result. My skin wasn’t that shiny as it use to be after a long day at work.
The second day I tried the other face primer, went to work, got home late….and so on.
When I watched myself in the mirror that evening, my skin wasn’t shiny at all! I looked like a doll made of porcelain! That’s not bad after (at least) 12 hours without using the compact powder even once!

I’m sure you can figure out that I went back to the shop to buy one as soon as I could! (I even bought some eyeshadows… because I could and felt like a real UCG)

From now on, I declare myself as a MAC-ADDICT!