A german visitor

May 14, 2012

2 days since Karin left, and tomorrow I’ll have another friend staying at my place for some days. This friend of mine will travel 1000 km to see me! He’s from Germany, and we have just meet a couple of times before. Last time, was at their concert in Stockholm in November, and since then we have been textmessage eachother and kept in touch over facebook ( Ok, I must admit, sometimes you need to love facebook) 😉

Looking forward to spend some time with this crazy, german, gentleman ! (CGG, the new UCG? Haha!) 

See you and Dorothy (the Unicorn) in 22 hours ,Jörg! 😀 Image


This Friday, my friend Karin came for visit me. She’s singer and drum player in a band called Vision Talk, and they had a gig in Gothenburg together with two other bands. Vanguard and Auto Auto.

Karin arrived a bit late with the train, but when the train FINALLY was here, we went to a café for having a lunch date together.
I found out that Karin and I like to talk about the same things. Or, maybe I should say that we both are very vular girls! Haha, and I love it!
After the girly-talk about men, penises and romantic stuff, we did some shopping in the city. I was supposed to just buy a new eye liner and a present, but I came home with a tiara, a necklace, a ring, a pair of shorts ,a skirt, and two bottles of nail polish 🙂 Where are you dad when I need you to pay my expensive shopping days?! 😉



At 18.00 it was time for the soundcheck at Jazzhuset, and after that, Karin and I went back home to my place to put on our prettiest face. We was in a hurry, so we filled a bottle of wine, and run to the club. 
The bands did a great job, all of them ( I didn’t saw that much of Auto auto’s gig tho ) 



The walk home from the club, was the craziest ever! We had so much fun! I feel sorry for Andreas, who was listening to two drunk ladies in phone on our way home XD
Hope we didn’t scared you too much dear 😉

My sweet friend Andreas. The picture is taken for two weeks ago, when he was visit me in Gothenburg. My scarf suits him better than me! COSY!