Last weekend I had my friend Andreas, from Stockholm here for some days. We have only meet eachother at pre-partys and concerts I’ve been to before, so it was nice, to let to know him a bit better!
After his arrival, last friday we were supposed to eat dinner at a vegetarian restaurant in town, but the clock was “beer time” to most of the people, and the place was overfull. We walked down the street for a while to see if we could find any other restaurant to have dinner at…but we failed 😦
I must say though, that Andreas idea wasn’t bad at all….. We went home, drank wine and made vegetarian tacos instead 🙂

At saturday night, Fredrik and I had our first gig with Cynical Existence, here in Gothenburg.
After some preparty at my place (together with two lovely boys <3) we took the tram to the club and continued the party there.
10 minutes before the gig, we needed to use the toilet, and the staff at the club gave us the key to their toilet in the basement. It looked like a real horror-movie downstairs, and when Fredrik and I finally found the toilet, the lamp was broken, and the toilet-seat layed at the floor!
I think It’s better to keep the rest of the story private, but I need to say that it was a long time since I laughed that hard!
The gig went fine, and if you want to ask someone in the audience what he thought about the show….Ask Andreas! Haha, he missed the whole gig XD

                                                Cute couple, and Andreas during the show?! 😛

The rest of the evening we danced, drank more drinks ,had a lot of fun and tried to make some evil plans, that I guessed didn’t worked that fine 😛