My last day as a vegan.

January 31, 2012

I’ve lived as a vegan for a month now, and the betting between me and my colleague will end tomorrow.
It has been very interesting, and worthwhile month for me, but I guess I will go back to my “normal eating-standard ” tomorrow. Slowly and carefully, as I don’t know how long it takes for the stomach to get use to not eating egg, milk or meat. I don’t want it to buck…
A lot of my friends (who’s vegan) want me to continue to eat the vegan-way, but I have to little time to cook dinner and make  lunch-boxes to bring me to work for a whole week, when I’m home at 9 p.m…

Besides that I’m a bit tired of some soya-products that tastes sugar,sugar, sugar, nothing or just …weird (If you don’t cook it on your own ofc)
But I want to clarify some things. I’m not a big meat-lover, and just because this month will end, I’m not gonna go directly to the supermarket and buy me a huge steak for dinner. The truth is that it’s very rare that I’m having meat for dinner at home. If I’m eating meat it’s mostly at my parents place, or when my sister force me to eat the people in her fridge who she has slayed 😉
I don’t find it hard to live as a vegetarian, but as a vegan I think I will miss my cottage cheese too much .

Last weekend I had my friend Erik over for visit. Oh, I just love when lovely people visit me so I can feel less alone for a couple of days ❤ I had a great and cosy time together with him and all the other people I invited in for a preparty at saturday evening! Thanks to all of you! *blows kisses to*
I don’t think I have any pictures from the preparty, but I know I have a video of Erik, shaving a guys hair off! It’ll maybe be posted here if it’s okay with him 🙂

Good night sweethearts! ❤


I need your help!

January 14, 2012

I will probably go to New York in July, and I need someone who can offer me a pillow and a sofa, so I can get my beautysleep during some nights over there.
I promise I’ll be kind, and if you’d like to, I can give you hugs & making breakfast every morning *puppyeyes*


Please send me a message at Facebook if you wanna hang out with me, or know a place where I can stay for a couple of days. A lot of kisses ❤

It has been a while since I wrote a line here at my blog. Sorry for that ladies and gentlemen.

ElectriXmas in Malmö was great! I think that my friend, Erik took the price to organise the best pre-party ever in the year of 2011! I just say WOW! It was a lot of nice people in his apartment, and besides that a band named “047” had a gig in his livingroom. How cool isn’t that?!
I loved the party, and danced to the chiptunes until I got so sweaty that I needed to go for a new glass of redbull & vodka 😉

At my first day in Malmö I stayed at an old friends apartment. We haven’t seen each other for a very long time, so we made some dinner, and opened two bottles of wine….I think you can figure out the rest on your own, right?
Me and Viktoria had a lot of things to talk about since she became a mum, about a year ago. Now I know everything about babies! (yeeah… you think so Jenni) At least I know a lot of things about giving birth to a child, and I’m so impressed that women can handle that sort of thing! I’m still quite sure that never want to have a baby, but maybe some more cats if I find a bigger apartment in the future.

I celebrated Christmas eve at my parents place in Nybro (A very small town 4 hours  away from Gothenburg, where I live now) My grandparents and my sister’s family was there as well. We ate a lot of food and just had a soft and cosy evening together. I had been a good girl, so Santa Claus gave me some presents too ^^

Merry Christmas from me to you!

The day after Christmas eve (christmas day) I went to a friend that I got to know when I was about 19 years old. We haven’t talked that much since then, but I recently found out that he’s actually a very polite person. I must say that I had some preconceptions about him before, not because was a “bad” person or anything. I just have it hard to understand why people want to know me better and spend some more time with me sometimes (And I’m specially suspicious when that person is a man *coughs*) Hope he’s not a follower to my blog! :O
Well, we had some pre-party at his house before we took the bus in to town, for meeting up with some of his friends. The evening was splendid, and crazy as it use to be when it’s a party going on in Kalmar 😉
I celebrated new years eve together with “M” as well, and believe it or not…. That night was even crazier than Christmas day! (So crazy that I won’t  letting you know, here at the blog sweethearts) 😉

And one last thing… I’ve decided that january will be my “vegan-month”. So far it’s going well, I don’t miss cottage cheese that much *giggles* Wish me good luck boys and girls! Only three more weeks to go.

Kisses and hugs to you all! ❤