December 15, 2011

Tomorrow, I will leave Gothenburg behind for a few days and go to Malmö for visiting some friends and go to ElectriXmas at saturday evening.
I was supposed to pack my bag tonight, but it’s still empty. I have no idea what to wear (as usual) but I guess I’ll figure out something before the train leaves tomorrow. I have mixed feelings for going to the concerts on saturday. It will be great to see some well known, cute faces again but It’s difficult to find anything joyful since Frida died.
I was asking her if she wanted to join me at this event, and only because of that I’m scared how I will react when I’m there without her. I hope I can smile and have a great time, and don’t been sitting in the bar and crying all my make up away.

I will go to her funeral this Tuesday. I guess it’ll be the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I will be there for her even if I’m gonna feel like shit when I’m saying goodbye to this young girl who was my best friend.

I want to thank all of you for your comments about Fridas death, and I also want to thank three special persons in Kalmar who have supported me through this in a beautiful way!

My ex boyfriend, Mattias and I @ ElectriXmas last year.