October 27, 2011

I don’t know what happened to me a  few days ago. Suddenly, I just felt a relief after seeing a picture on the web.
It was like this heavy stone who had tortured me the whole summer just fell off!
I don’t write much about my mental states here at my blog, but I think that my sister and closest friends have seen that I’ve not been the happy and bubbling girl I use to be, right?

It has been a really stressful time for me, and I’ve seen other sides of persons who’s not that charming, but all the bad things will bring something good with it. I’ve seen which people who are my true friends (I’m sure you know who you are)
I must give all of you a kiss :*
I’ve also come to the conclusion that I don’t know if I ever will have a relationship. I mean, boys are just so rude. I’ve seen to much of that part lately, and I feel so sorry for those girls. I don’t know what’s best…. Telling the girls what they boyfriends are up to, or just keep my mouth shuttered until they find it out on their own? (I don’t want a boyfriend who behave like this *shivers*)

Enough of that, now about my plans for this weekend.
I’ve just colored my hair (Just a quick refresh of the yellow color) and now I’m drinking some kind of green tea that made my fingers shaky. I guess it wasn’t a good combination with all that coffee I’m drinking 😛
Later I will go to the gym, and take an evening walk together with a friend called Frida.

And tomorrow I have big plans!
First, meeting up with Sophie who’s coming to Gothenburg this weekend, and after that I will pick up two italian guys at the centralstation who are here to visit me for a couple of days. It’s gonna be soooo exciting to meet some new people!
We’re gonna go to clubs both tomorrow and on saturday.
I’m gonna have a lovely weekend together with über-cute people ^^


New shoes!

October 23, 2011

I start getting better now, but I still feel very tired after the cold.

I bought a pair of Dr. Martens a year ago. They were second hand, and not in their best shape but they have been my favourite shoes to wear at work and when they slowly started to break down I decided to buy a new pair.

You can find Dr. Martens at some stores here in Sweden, but they’re very expensive and none of them has the type I was looking for. I thought it would be a great idea to look after those boots (or a similar design) when I visited London, so me and my sister went to Londons best Dr.martens-shop (?) and talked to the grandchild of  the man who started making those lovely boots, a long time ago.
When I asked him if they had the boots I was looking for he just laughed, and said that they stopped making those shoes in the 1980’s.  I got really disappointed and tried out some other shoes, but none of them was as gorgeous as the broken, old 1980’s-shoes I had at home. I leaved the shop without any new shoes, and tears in my eyes.

Everyday morning since then, I’ve been looking at my beautiful boots when I tie the laces before leaving for work and thinking of that I soon need to throw them away 😦
But today i finally found those shoes on the swedish E-bay in my size!  I won the auction, so now they’re mine!
I promise to take better care of those boots than my last ones. And when I die….. can someone put them beside me in my coffin so I can be handsome in heaven?!

My worn out boots

I’m sorry

October 14, 2011

I’m really , really sorry about the lousy update here at my blog, but I’ve been sick for some weeks and it makes me so tired! (don’t worry, I’m just having a cold and some fever)

I’m just siting in the sofa and feel sorry for myself tonight ;P
Just watched the swedish program “Idol”, and after some episodes of true blood from season 4 I will go to bed. Have to work tomorrow and on Sunday, so I really need to have some sleep.

I will update you about my London-trip soon sweethearts!

Kisses ;*

Yesterday, me and my colleagues went to a hairshow to get some inspiration about the upcoming trends in hair for this fall and winter.
They served us some food and wine when we arrived. It was a lot of people to say “hi” to ,and I shared some hugs as well (hope I didn’t infected someone with my cold)

Here you got some pictures from the evening.

My colleagues, Andreas and Sara

I met a magician in town today who transformed me to a chicken! … Ok that was a lie.
Actually, I have eaten too many bananas the last weeks… Ok, that was a lie as well.
I just needed a change for a while .  That’s the true story

I just came home from a fashion/hair-show. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow sweethearts!


I guess most of the people would be happy and love to have the main role in a movie.
I received an e-mail from a Swedish production company some days ago. They wanted me to be their “new face” in an upcoming movie. The compensation was quite good, but I think the type of film was my cup of tea.
They wanted me to attend in a porno-movie!

So after some nagging I finally said “Ok, I can be your next female-character, if you give me 5 million dollar!”
They thought it was a great deal, so you will find my movie for sale in the beginning of 2012.

The frontcover of the movie!

I might be Insane, but just not THAT insane! The porno-industry need to find another girl for their film.

New haircolor!

October 3, 2011

I bleached my roots yesterday, and today I will try out a complete new hair color for me.
It’s gonna be Insane! I’m a bit nervous right now because I ‘ll go to a hairshow this evening, and if this color turns out awful all the other hairdressers will be laughing at me *giggles*
I’m lucky to have some nice wigs at home, in case of emergency 😉

Wonder wich hair color I will choose….hmm…..

My birthday

October 2, 2011


I had a splendid birthday yesterday, even if my coughing and fever heat was killing me.
I started the day by intake medicine from the drugstore (I think I have all the medicine they recommend for this kind of illness) The medicine saved me quite well, and I didn’t look like a zombie, but close enough 😉

Mum (and dad, who’s not here in Gothenburg to celebrate me right now )  bought me a digital camera as a birthday-gift! So hopefully this blog will be updated more effective with new pictures and videos of me and what I’m doing!
After mum and I had finished some shopping she treated me with a coffee-break at a cosy café in town.

Later i dumped my mother in town and went to the Science fiction exhibition to see if I could find something to buy myself as a birthday-gift. They had a lot of cool stuffs and I wanted to buy most of it.
But as my dad wasn’t here and could be my sugar-daddy, I just came home with some posters (Edward Scissorhands, A clockwork orange, the joker in dark knight and Sweeney Todd), three dvd’s and two cute dolls of  Victor and his bride from “corpse bride”.

I also found my perfect boyfriend at the exhibition. he just stood there at the stairs and waited for me to run up to him and share some love! Isn’t we a total match?!

To complete the day, mum and I went to an indian restaurant I’ve heard a lot of good thing about. It sure was a real pleasure to our stomaches ❤

Curry nam nam?

Happy birthday to me!

October 1, 2011

Today’s my birthday. I’ll turn twenty four years old and my mum and I have just finished some breakfast together while looking at a Swedish humour serie named “district magpie”. I just love it ! So freaki’n funny!

I will give you a quick update as I’m having a cold and some fever right now. It makes me so weak, but I will try to move my ass from the sofa as soon as I’ve finished my last cup of coffee. I hope that the painkillers, nasal spray, herbal medicine and the cough drops will save my day!