September 25, 2011

This Friday i wrote a post in my sisters blog ( for the weekly “Friday with Iva Insane”
The subject I mentioned was how it is for me to be an alternative girl in Sweden/Gothenburg, and I had some bad experiences. I just want to clarify that I don’t only get disrespected comments from people, but sadly most of them are not so nice.

As I’m a loner, I use to be in town without any friends when it’s time for me to do some shopping. I think I’ll be an easier target to set upon then. But as i managed – I don’t care about the evil words they give me. It’s their problem if they want to behave that way in front of other people.
When I got sweet comments it’s most of the time from women. The clients at work who are in the same age as my grandmother loves me!  They give me  luxury chocolate, home-made cookies, paintings, a lot of wise words, hugs and some tip! So sweet of them!

It’s time for me to fight the pillows in my bed now. I need some sleep so I can be sharp at work tomorrow. It’s going to be a tough week for me… work, work, work

Picture of me from the shoot for X-tra-x



September 21, 2011

I’m still having muscle-fever since my workout last sunday. Or, I guess it’s because of that as I’m quite used to go to the other gym-classes at my gym and they don’t give me like this type of ache.
I went to an indoor walking class this monday & Tuesday , and today I let my stomach and back work really hard with some core excercising.*well done girl*
Indoor walking is one of my favourite type of exercise, but I think I need to drill some more muscle strength by trying to attend at more bodypump classes. As I work as a hairdresser it’s very important to have a well-trained body (especially back and shoulders) so I can keep going on with my job when I turn 60 😉

Indoor walking is a sweaty gym class at a crosstrainer. Try it! It’s a very fun way get in shape 🙂

Ok, now over to the title, and what this post was meant to deal with – Fakers!
I guess many of you handsome boys and girls out there already have come up against those people, and I know I’m not the only one who find “myself” on different communities all over the web.
Since I started to use Facebook it has only been worse, and worse. I find people who steal my pictures and identity all the time! *sigh*

Today I found a fake-account (who sent me a friend request at Facebook ) that had used my pictures and personal information all around. I still not get why a faker send the real character a request?! It must be bad joke! 😛
Anyway… I reported the site to Facebook and guess what?!?!
When I came home from work and logged in,” someone” had reported my personal site as a fake account!
Is it gonna be a war between me and the “Iva Insane von fake”  now? Come on, what’s wrong with your own face and career?

I appreciate when people comes up to me and tell me that I’m an inspiration for them (thanks everybody!) But it’s not acceptable to like me so much that you pretend to be me on the internet.


So, if you see any other “me” at Facebook or other communities, please let me know (I send you a kiss and a cookie) I want my identity alone!

I’m still alive!

September 18, 2011

I have good news! I’m still alive after being at the bodybuilder-gym with Oskar, so now you can continue to follow my blog and read my posts here 😉
I also managed to fulfill the workout without throwing up (!), and nobody laughed at my biceps (except for myself) I need to work at being stronger in my whole body though. I’m so weak in my poor little arms that it’s ridiculous! Think I need to transpose my type of workout so I don’t only go to classes that improve my condition.
You know, I must have great muscles so I can defend myself by beating evil boys, and not just running away from them 😉
(Sorry dad, but the assault alarm you gave me are still in its package in my drawer…)



The bodybuilder ^_^

I have been free from work today so I started the morning in the best way: With an Indoor walking class at the gym.
It’s my favourite type of excercise. It’s fun, exhausting, sweaty and you can listen to music with a good beat while
burning some calories.

Tomorrow I will uprate my excercise quite a lot. A friend of mine will take me to his gym and be my personal trainer
for one evening. I really looking forward to it, but I’m also bit scared, since the gym he will take me to is filled
with men who has bigger biceps than my waistline!
I wonder what they gonna think when a tender goth-girl with heavy make up entering the gym?!
Will I even find a dumbbell that I’ll be managed to lift?!
Oh my! What have I done?! The whole gym will be laughing at me when I show them my weak muscles.

Me and my weak muscles, haha XD

With words like “I’m not gonna let you go out from the gym before you’re so exhausted that you need to puke”
– I’m sure I’ll get some nice muscle-fever at Monday morning 😉






When I sat down at a café and drank a cup of coffee today I was thinking about how happy unknown people use to be
when I give them compliments at the streets. I decided to always _tell_ the person that I like his/her style etc. instead
of just _thinking_ of it. I mean… I think that simple ting can make a whole day for a person!
I’m already quite good to give compliments to people who deserves it, but I can do better! You all can do better, right?
So promise me, next time you see someone who deserve a compliment open your sweet mouth and tell the person!
Today I collected 3 compliments from unknown persons while I walked home from the city.
1. “I love your hair” from a sales-girl in a store
2. “Wow! Cool boots!” From an old couple (Hihi, so sweet!)
3. ” Oh, my goooood! You’re sooo stunning!” From a sweet girl in my own age.

And then someone told me that I was very tall…. I take that as a compliment as well 😉



Give compliments so people can be insanely happy as I am 😉

London here we come!

September 13, 2011

My sister Adora Batbrat, and I decided to break the good news today!  We’re going to London between the 5-10’th of October!



It’s London fashion week at that time, and I’ve got an invite to Toni & Guys big hairshow and party the 9’th.
I’m looking forward to get some inspiration and see their new collection for this fall/winter. Hope I can get a ticket to the event to my sister as well, because I really need someone to take care of me after too many glass of wine 😉





As it seems to be a huuuge party with a lot of people in London, my sister thought it would be best to book a 3-beds room if I’d like to bring a handsome boy with me home.
We made a deal that says it’s okay for me to bring boys at our room as long she’ll be able to watch the act 😉
Okay, I can live with that!

London boys, It’s for your own good that you’ll show me your best side when I’m there for visit! *Blink, blink* ;P

My piercings

September 11, 2011

I was 6 years old when my mum finally said ” Okay, if you’d like to have a pair of earrings let’s go to the jewerly-store
and fix it! ”
I lived in a small town, and nobody had ever heard about a body piercer. The middle-aged lady in the jewerly-store sat
me down, did a mark at my ear, took aim and shot two beautiful, sparkling diamonds right through my ears. ( She must
have been working as a sniper in her younger days)
I went back to that lady to let her sharpshoot my ears several times, and they got more and more beautiful and filled
with bling bling 🙂

“Do you want me to let you know when i pull the trigger ?”

When I was 11 i started to nag about having my nostril pierced. Mum and dad gave me a strict “No”, but after
bitching for some years they told me it was okay to get some sparkling diamond there as well.
Two twin-girls in my class (we must have been in 7′ th grade) had a mum who lived in Gothenburg at that time, so we took the 4 hours train to the city were all cool kids lived and hope to be as cool as they were after we had got our piercings done 🙂

Their mum faked that she was my mum as well ( I still can’t get how they believed in us!) and once again an old lady grabbed her gun and shot me through my left nostril. I got a blue, sparkling diamond in my pretty little nose who had turned red after the gunshot wound 😉 I was so happy for my new fellow, and me and my friends could go back to school after the weekend in Gothenburg as cool cats!

This is me before I decided to get some more piercings in my innocent face 😉

The first time I visited a real body piercer was at the age at 15 I guess (certainly with my parents approvals)
I would have my tragus pierced and I was a bit scared and thought it would hurt like h*ll. I gave orders to my boyfriend
to stay outside the piercing studio because I was afraid to start yelling about the pain and he would be thinking of me as a dork. (of course I didn’t told him that story)
I got my tragus done, and was surprised about how painless it was to get pierced by a needle.
After that piercing it all went down.

Me with a 1,6mm septum ( I’ve stretched it since then)

I was 16 when I forced my mum to sign the papers that letting me have my nipple and a tragus-piercing in the opposite
ear done. After those piecings I waited to my 18:th birthday to get some more.
I went to Gothenburg to get my nose pierced once again, but this time it was time for a septum-piercing.
When I some years later moved my pale ass to Gothenburg I had the chance to book time to get a new piercing
whenever I wanted, and as you can see I’ve been to the piercing studio more than once 😉

Don’t drink and get pierced the same day if you want to be nice to your new piercing 🙂

From now on I only trust a friend of mine who work at a studio in Stockholm to add some more piercings on my body
or in my face. He’s very professional and it feels better when I can ask all this “stupid” questions to someone I know.

My piercings:

  • 2* tragus
  • 2* the top of the ear
  • 2* nipple
  • 2* lip piercing
  • septum
  • nostril
  • and one beautiful dermal anchor ( I had 2 dermals before, but after I’ve redone one of them 4 times I decided to put both of them out and make a new one in a different place)

My weekend

September 10, 2011

I’m free from work this weekend to spend some time together
with my parents who’s here for visit. They have been babysitting Ingela for a while and guess
who was lucky to see her again!? ❤
Of course I needed to lay down in the bed together with her for a while, and just cuddle her to death ^_^

My parents and I met up for a cup of coffee in town, after my gym class today.
Certainly daddy paid everything, as I am a true UCG! I got the question at Facebook what “UCG” stands for, and I will now give you the answer.

                                                                          Daddy at the café

Mum at the café (Haha, my photo editor cropped her head off )

My fathers tattoos. As you maybe can figure out, he was a sailor in the younger days

It started with a grouch between me and another girl on a Swedish website. A lot of her friends wrote evil and disgusting things about me (Actually I think it was their weekend-employment)
Anyhow, when I read those evil comments I saw a girl who had written something about me like “She thinks she’s
so much better than everybody else. F**king Upper class goth!”
sooo…UCG stands for Upper Class Goth!
Me and my sister had so fun about that comment (and the rest of them as well) It’s really annoying that it seems like
most of the people thinks that I’m a highbrowed, priggish girl before they’ve met me. And Oh, I nearly forgot… I steal peoples boyfriends as well! Actually girls…. It’s not I who pick your boyfriend, It’s his desire to be with me (“sorry” for that)

Yesterday evening I was at a club, hunted handsome boys (who’s in a relationship of course) that I could lay my hands on. No, I will tell you the true story 😉
One of my best male friends, Fredrik had got a really nice job as a chef and we went to a club to celebrate the good
news. I had a really fun evening with great music and wonderful people! Thank you guys!

Cryo played at the club yesterday.

The important list

September 10, 2011

When Erik was here for visit, we came up with a quite interesting topic, while eating some breakfast.
“What’s your criteria for a fortune boy/girl-friend?”
I think it’s more chance that I’ll win the lottery, than find a boy who completes my “If you wanna be my boyfriend, you need to accomplish all of  those points to get a date with me-list”

This is the list I’m gonna handle out to potential boyfriends.

You shall be…
– Handsome and have a well-cured external.
– Have blue or green eyes.
– Have visions for the future, studying something well-advised, or have a job with a firmly income.
– Civilized and smart
– At least 180 cm tall
– “Well-hanged” and be able to give me a good sex life (I hope that none of my readers are under 15 years old ^^)
– Know how to cook, clean, do the dishes ect. (The things you expect to know when you’re move out)
– Have some kind of special interest
– Creative in one or another way.
– A beautiful voice
– Happy & peppy, so I can laugh and do funny things together with you.
– Like art and wanna go to museum and exhibitions together with me.
– Like animals (well… at least my kitty-cat Ingela)
– Have your own free will and not act like a henpecked boy to me.
– Know how to solve problems in a composed way without yelling at me.
– Use high quality hair-products and perfumes I think smells good.
– Handy, technical and enough geeky to help me with various things and computer-problems
– Have your own style/ being alternative and know how to fix your hair and make up on your own.
– know some stuffs better than I do (So I can get impressed by the person)
– Indulge and surprise me fairly enough.
– Like me for who I am on the inside as much as you like me on the outside
– Don’t like to talk or make jokes about….*ohh… I can’t say it…disgusting,disgusting*….POOP * Uuueeechhh sooo gross!!!*
– Act in a “grown up” way (But not in a boring way)

You can collect some extra golden stars from me if you, besides that (refers on the list above)….
– Have black hair
– Pale skin
– Piercings and/or tattoos
– Drivers licence
– Nice and friendly family and friends
– Like to exercise
– Have good-looking hands
– Like the same kind of music as I do
– Let me lay close to you and on your arm at night (And dare you if you start to complain about it’s getting too hot)
– Know how to play at least one instrument, and have a nice singing-voice.
– Making decent of money.

Sooo… If there’s any boy out there who fits my list perfectly, send me your phone number immediately! *Waiting, and waiting…waiting…getting old…..waiting….hair turns gray….waiting….waiting….*
OK then! I can make some small changes at my list 😉

First of all. Thank you for your sweet comments and support here at my blog! I’m very glad that you appreciate it!  ❤
I’ve tried to answer most of your questions, and I got a lot of tips what you want me to write about. I’ll keep that in mind!
It seems like many of you want me to write about hair. Would you like me to post some kind of  “hair-tip” once a week? I’m open for suggestions!

As you all know I had a boy for visit this weekend. He went home yesterday, and I’m feeling so lonely in my apartment now *wiping tears* But, before I dropped him at the centralstation we met up with another friend of mine for a coffe-break. She had brought her fluffy little friend with her- Bianca!

Isn’t she the most adorable little dog you ever seen!?  I wanted to take her (and her cute owner) with me home! ❤

Erik ordered the biggest cinnamon bun I’ve ever seen!

Thanks, both of you (and Bianca) for a nice sunday. And Erik… Don’t let it take too long until you’re in Gothenburg for visit again!

So many boys in my life…..

September 3, 2011

Good morning everyone !

Today it’s saturday, and for a lot of you it means “wihoooo I’m free from work”
I’m not….I will soon heading to the salon to get rid of my clients summer-damaged hair.
But I have something to look forward to after I’ve finished my day at work.
My friend Erik will come all the way to Gothenburg for visit me! *happy girl*
I think it was like two years since I met him for the first time, and I loved his wonderful personality immediately!
I don’t know how our plan for the evening looks like yet. Maybe drinking some wine (Erik will probably drink some beer I guess), watch a movie, go to a club together or just relax and spend the evening  in the sofa and talk, talk, talk 🙂

Yesterday was filled with boys as well.
First of all I went to see my former colleague Anders for a coffee, and right after that I got a call from Fredrik who had finished work, and wanted to meet up for another cup *Shaking, babbling, hyper girl, high on caffeine*
Think I need to buy an agenda so I can arrange my coffee-meetings. Who’s the next one in line to meet up for a super-special-coffe-break with Iva Insane? Ohh… I have a lot of people to go through….