Vive la France!

November 19, 2012

Lately, I’ve been quite annoyed about that wordpress doesn’t wanna cooperate with me or my cellphone.
I asked the people who “like” my page at facebook, which website they prefer to use as a blog, and most of them answered – Tumblr.

I created an account at Tumblr, yesterday and wrote my first blogpost there today. So far, so good.
Please, give me some feedback. Do you think that Tumblr works better or not? I hope I can please everyone who read my blog.

You will find my blogposts here from now on:

There’s another tumblr account with the adress :
As it says, It’s a fan-made Tumblr for me, and you will not find anything posted by me at that website.

Ok, let’s give this a try! Wish me good luck, and thanks for your recommendation about Tumblr! 😉


Trick or treat!?

November 5, 2012

Me, and my friends were celebrating Halloween this saturday at a club here in Gothenburg, called “The zone”. To be honest, I wasn’t in the mood to go out and partying, as I’ve been ill since I where in New York. BUT, my friends from southern Sweden had a gig at the club, and it felt like I needed to get my ass over there, support them and steal a hug or two, since it was a long time since I saw their faces. I think I’ve seen all of D-tox gigs this far (wow, I actually think I have!?) and I must say, that this was the best gig so far, boys! 😀

An old photo of me on the flyer to the club. I looked so scary at that Halloween party!


D-tox live on stage! It was nice to see you again boys! :*

I started the evening with a pre party at a friends place. My best friend Freddie was there, and so was Anna and her little dog, Bianca.
Freddie and I drank honey whiskey mixed with coke zero, and remembered all the people and funny things that happened on the tour in US this summer. (You’re still in our hearts darlings)

Freddie and I at the pre party, drinking honey whiskey!

Bianca, Annas cute little chihuahua!

Freddie and Bianca cuddle.

I needed to steal her for a while as well. That dog is adorable! ❤

Waiting for the tram to come. Would you be scared to meet me on your way home, in the dark? 😉

On our way to “The zone”

The evening at the club was nice indeed, but I got so coddled to pay $ 13 for TWO drinks in NYC, when one drink at the bar over here is $ 15! Don’t blame the Swedes for being so drunk all the time, when we need to get really drunk at the pre party to last all night long, lol 😉
Thanks everyone for a great evening, good music ( I loved all the 80’s synth music at the dancefloor ❤ ) and the organizers for making this event so good. I had a blast!

Ok,I can’t hide it anymore. I actually DO eat kids for dinner!

Happy late halloween!

You’re next, sweetheart! 😉

A photo from my friend Peter Brud.

Yesterday, I met up my friend Sophie, who was here in Gothenburg for visit over the weekend. We had a long coffee break and talk at a café in town. She’s so caring and full of energy, I appreciate it a lot!
She has just started a new club in Stockholm, together with some friends called “Bat cave”. I’ve actually been to the “Bat cave” before…. It was in the US, and I’m totally sure about going to the club “Bat cave” in Stockholm will be a MUCH better experience than the one I had, lol! (people at the Nations collide tour know what I’m talking about)
I hope I’ll have the chance to visit Stockholm, and their club at the next event in January.

Back to basic. Tired girl having a hangover in the morning before Sophie and coffe made me feel better 😉

I’m back in Sweden again. My two weeks in New York has been so lovely that I’ll not even try to find words for it! I feel rested, I have a lot more energy to give than before I left Sweden, and I’m so extremely happy about everything, except that I couldn’t stay for a bit longer,..

The people I’ve let to know in the US are the friendliest, most adorable people I’ve ever met! Seriously, how can people in Europe (or at least in Scandinavia) talk so much shit about the americans? I really don’t get it…. at all!  America, and the American people are so different from everything in Sweden tho.
I’m not used to people that you recently met, cares so much about you. I’ve been living alone for many years now, and I always need to make sure that I can take my wobbly legs back home to my apartment, even if I had too many shots at the bar. I’m used to handle things on my own, but to act that way in America seems to be very rude. I guess that’s something I have to learn 😛

It’s even harder when the boy you’re staying with during your vacation in NYC open and closes doors for you, brews you fresh coffee in the morning and serve it to you, when you wake up in bed, Take the car to the store and buy you a BIG can of cottage cheese for breakfast, just because he knows how much you love it. Besides that, I feel like I have an invisible whistle that I can use when it’s some sort of trouble or something I don’t understand and he will be there to help me immediately. Not in an intrusive way at all! Just a feeling that makes you calm and feel that he cares about you. It’s a lovely feeling!

Brendin and I at a bar in East village, where I tried to kill my sore throat and dripping nose with a tequila jalapeno shot.

Coffee and cottage cheese are the way to win my heart, and I think that Brendin nailed that pretty, damn good!  😉
I can’t imagine to have a more caring and sweet boyfriend than him. I just need to accept to be treated like a princess everyday, without feeling dumb about the situation. *blush* 

So, what else did I do in NYC exept being like a 14 year old girl, madly in love with an America citizen?!
We went to a lot of concerts, clubs, restaurants and bars. We were relaxing at “home” (The apartment we rent during my stay there) we made dinner, watched television, had a lot of Starbucks coffee, went to the history museum, hung out with a bunch of friendly people, and Brendin took me to the first haunted house I’ve never been to!  It was soooo cool! I loved it! 
I’ve probably forgot half of the things, but I blame it on that I’m still in a vacation-mode 🙂



A dear reunion with the backstage area at The pyramid club, and also nice to see some familiar faces again!

 NYC, I’ve missed you so bad! 



I’m gonna update you with some more of the photos i took during the vacation, asap! Keep your eyes open boys and girls 🙂

I’ll give you a quick update, while Brendin is in the shower and getting ready for todays adventures.
Let us hope that I can manage to write this post with this American keyboard 😉

Ok, so I arrived in New York 5 days ago, and we had already done so many fun things, and met a lot of cool people. The people over here are so friendly! No matter if they’re friends of Brendin or just people you walk by on the streets in the city. They give you compliments about your style all the time, which is really rare in Sweden. 

I had some trouble with the security police at the airport, when I first arrived here. They asked a lot of questions, took me to a separate room and asked even more questions. They was searching through my bags, and everything was just a mess because I’d been traveling for about 20 hours and all I wanted to do was just to go outside the airport to see Brendin. 

At least I’m here now, and we will get our own apartment this evening. Our friend Melanie has been a sweetheart and let me and Brendin have her apartment the whole weekend when the guys we were supposed to rent an apartment from, just screwed it all up. What would we have done without her? She’s an angel! 

I’ll tell you more about the trip, and what we have done, when I’m home again. All I can say right now is that I’m alive, and that I really enjoy my vacation over here !

Lots of love to all the sweet people over here ❤ 

Leaving in 12 hours!

October 10, 2012

My suitcase is packed, and everything (well, almost) are fixed for the trip to New York tomorrow! I’m ready to start my 13 hours trip! Oh, Jesus! It takes so long time to go to the US from here, and on top of that I need to wait at Heathrow airport for 3 hours before I can continue the flight to New York.
What to do? I hate waiting for things to happen. I definitely need to pack a book, so I have something to read while drinking tons of coffee at the airport 😉

I’ve got a LOT of mails during the last weeks from people in the New York area who wanna meet  me when I’m over there. I’m flattered about that you find it interesting to meet me in person, but I’m in NY for vacation, and to spend some time with friends over there. I want to feel relaxed, and I’m afraid it’s no time to arrange “meetings” or things like that. I don’t mean to be bitchy in any sort of way, and I hope you will understand me.
We’re going to this event tomorrow night :
And on Friday, Brendin and I will go and see Suicide commando in Philadelphia. Maybe we’ll see each other there, and if not… You may be “lucky” to see me in the city. 🙂

Yeah, I promised you a picture of the hair. I’ve been working a lot the last days and been really tired when I’ve got home from work in the evening. I hope I can upload a picture of it tomorrow morning. Until then… You get a “herregud picture” of me, and lovely Brendin ^_^

4 days left in Sweden, before I’ll get my ass over to NYC for two weeks! It feels like I’ve longing for that day to come, for so long !
It’s going to be wonderful to see some familiar faces again. Especially one special face I’ve missed a lot! 😉

I’m so excited about this trip, and a bit nervous too. This will be the first time ever, I travel alone by airplane. I’ve always traveled together with my parents, sister, friends or colleagues before. Maybe I’ll enjoy traveling alone and have some time for myself? I will have a lot of time to write in my notebook (That’s what I do when I relax) I just write everything down that’s comes up in my mind, and I sometimes let people write something to me in it. It’s lovely to go back and read those notes when I miss my closest friends a bit extra.



I’ve been doing hair all day long! Back combing, and steamed dreads, cutted & coloured my hair, and braided in dreads. *sigh*
I’ve never braided dreads to my whole hair before, but it was easier than I expected. My fingers hurts a bit, but besides that I’m fine 😉

I know you’re all curious about how the hair looks, but I don’t have any pictures of it yet. I’ll try to post a picture of it tomorrow evening.
Sleep well, bumble bees! ❤

From this day, the 1’st of October 2012 I’m not longer a 24 year old girl. This is my first day as a 25 year old hag!
People tell me that there’s now I’m having the best moment in life in front of me, and that life only will be better and better from now on. I’m not sure about that…
I always fight against time. It slips away from my hands so easily. I will be standing there at the age of 30 and wonder how the hell 5 years could pass away that fast. I’m a bit curious how my life will look like in 5 years tho. Seriously, I have no idea!
My friends getting engaged, married, pregnant and move in together with the one they love.
They buy a car, a dog, and they spend all the time of their summer vacation in the country house.
They eat dinner together at 5 p.m , talk about how the day at work have been, and they have a twin bed with IKEA blankets they’re sleeping in together at night. Yikes! When did we get from being children to adults?! I still feel like I’m 12 years old (with a bit more experience of life, tho), and the thought about ME having a baby to take care of, or living a regular “everyday life” makes me wanna laugh! I’m definitely not there yet!
I don’t know if I ever will be there. Maybe it’s not my cup of tea? Well, time will tell, and as I said – I’m looking forward to see how my life will be in 5 years!

Big, happy, family?

I didn’t wanted to celebrate my birthday in any sort of way this year, and I didn’t had high expectations about this day at all! But in the morning, when I was at work and fixed some stuff, my dear friend from Germany called me to say “happy birthday”. It made me so happy, and it was amazing to hear his voice again! Not long time after that, my partner in crime – Freddie ,called me to wish me a happy birthday. Your phone calls meant a lot to me, and I’m so glad that you took your time for it! ❤


I got some presents as well, and I didn’t expected that at all!
A bottle of sparkling wine, a book with prints from Mark Ryden (One of my favourites artists) and something really cute from a friend of mine, who will leave Sweden on wednesday and be gone for 6 months! She had made a super-cute bag with a picture of me on it, and writing a poem to me. I started to cry when she handed me the gift today. I got so affected by reading it! I will read that text everytime I feel like life sucks, and I will be thinking of that I have friends that appreciate me for being “Jenni”.
So, thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes today and a special thanks to the ones that made me feel more “special to you”  in any way. I love you ❤




I appreciated most of the birthday wishes, except this one, below maybe. Lol, I hope she woke up on the right side of the pillow this morning 😉


I’ll give you a quick update, before I go to bed.

I need to go to bed quite early today because I’m going to my friends wedding tomorrow! I’m gonna fix her hair in the morning, and hopefully have the time to make myself pretty as well. I still don’t know what to wear, and the fact that their isn’t any special dresscode make it even worse! I have a beautiful dress from a designer in London but I’m afraid it’s too short to wear at a wedding. I don’t want my friends grandpa to pass out because my butt is shown!

The couple that will get married tomorrow! Oh, fuck! I’m gonna cry of happiness and ruin my make up!

Btw, I have a new pair of shoes in my collection as well. I just say, Jeffrey Campbell ❤
Those shoes are so comfortable, for being high heels!
The Lita spike boots, with black spikes, are my new babies from now on. Oh… those and my beloved New rock of course 😉

Jeffrey Campbell- Lita spike, but shown with silver studs in this picture.

My mum is in the house!

September 19, 2012

I picked up someone with a well known face at the central station this evening – My mum!
Oh, god! Now I need to behave like an adult during the days she’s here. Not too loud music, no feet on the table, no silly dancing in the living room, AND I need to try socialise with someone when I get home from work. I usually don’t do that.

My mum is a lovely and caring woman, but you know how parents are, right? They’re worried about you, and ask you tons of questions about everything! Work, boys, health, food, money, blah, blah, blah. Haha!


 My mum, when she just arrived to Gothenburg.